Other Work

Data Visualization

I completed data analysis projects during my certification with General Assembly. In this project, I analyzed COVID data sets for the year 2020 in New York City, and transferred them into Tableau. This gave visualizations of the data results in ways that are easy to understand.

Art Director

I was the Art Director for this large project, which consisted of both a music video and short film for the band The Gaslight Anthem. They were filmed in the same week simultaneously, across two states (NY and NJ). It was a challenging project, but it was fun and fulfilling to do with a large, diverse crew. The music video is titled “Handwritten,” and their short film is “Every Word Handwritten.”  The music video has achieved over 5.8 million views on YouTube.

Music Video

Short Film


These are a few of my drawings in pencil and charcoal. While we are usually designing digitally as Product Designers, I feel that stepping away from the computer and sketching out ideas can be really helpful in the design process. Sketching is a visual thinking tool. While these are formal drawings, my thinking is that any sketching is still good practice for visual design.

Interior Architecture

These projects focused on space planning and navigation within the physical environment, and were completed during my time in graduate school for Interior Architecture & Design. A common focus in projects was on pedestrian circulation, asking, “how would a person move in this space?”  

Office Project

Healthcare Project

Physical Space Model